Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 3- Everything is Moving Along

Hellllo, Hellllooo Dear Readers!

This week was the week that we brought in a few material for our board game.  After compiling our trees, animals & action cards I must say that this game will be very fun to play. Furthermore,  the whole look of the game is very fun and interesting and will captivate the eyes of the players.  One of the main concerns that we might come across is figuring out if the number of certain objects are adequate or enough for the game. A great example is that we chose to make 4 squirrels for each player, but we are still not sure how will the game play with those 4 objects.  The next week, which is week 4  we will need to have all of our pieces done and the game done in order for us to play.  This week is where we will figure out if we have enough pieces or if we will need to make more. Lastly, another thing that might group needs to start thinking is how are we going to get our game pieces printed.  There are many stores online but we need to make sure that the pieces are thick enough and durable so its doesn't get ruined over time. This week coming up is when we will also finalize where we will be ordering our items from or if we decide to make it ourselves how are we going to make it. Overall, our team is communicating very well with each other and we believe that we will have our finished product by the time that the professor requested.  We are all very excited to present to our class our game and we hope that everyone has as much fun as we have when playing the game.

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