Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 2

We've begun working on Scavengers this week. In our meeting, we collaborated to come up with different ideas for the action cards. Some of these ideas included cards that would allow players to heal their units or purchase units for cheaper. These cards would help the player using them. We also decided to include cards that could harm other players, such as being able to move another player's unit to a different location. We felt that a card like that could balance the game by preventing players from becoming so powerful that they can control the game.

We also split up different tasks for the rest of the week. Megan and Jordanna chose to bring in various pieces, such as trees and animals. We had difficulty with figuring out what animals to use because it would be hard to find miniature pieces of the same scale. Mina and Omair chose to work on making the prototype cards. I, Waqas, will be bringing in hexagon pieces for the board layout. We decided to have large pieces with hexagon spaces so that we could figure out the design of the board by aligning the pieces in various arrangements. We also thought of the idea to let players arrange the pieces to create their own boards to add creativity to the design. We will meet this week to develop the mechanics and decide what the final pieces should be.

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